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I explore people’s life experiences along with social and cultural narratives to create photographs that are intimate, present and compelling.

It is a feeling for the atmosphere and the ability to capture an expression which enables the creation of a photograph that causes an audience to engage; sharing in a moment or situation. A process of exploration resonates throughout my work – which echoes my fondness for a special kind of staged documentary.

Developing a shared narrative with those involved in a shoot allows me to engage each person with the process. By causing an active and positive situation in front of the camera I am able to produce dynamic photographs with a strong presence.

Daylight is my preferred source of light, however when this is not available I aim to create a light that is natural for the situation and location. In my previous work, I have produced large scale campaigns using minimalistic lighting setups – I feel that a successful project outcome has very little to do with the scale of the set and equipment available.

I have often been involved in the early stages of the creative visual process, and I am perfectly capable of contributing towards the development of solutions from the outset, if requested. I have a close working relationship with the photography agency SUMO. Together we have shared the responsibility for delivery of all aspects of a production; from shoot coordination, model casting and styling, through to scouting set locations, securing permits, and making travel arrangements. With this level of control we have been able to ensure that all aspects of a production are understood, planned and agreed before a photo shoot commences.

In an increasingly commercial world, I believe it is essential that photographs are viewed as authentic. My ability to comfortably move between both staged and natural environments enables me to create engaging images that connect with their audience.

Niclas Jessen

Niclas Jessen was born in 1975 and grew up in the countryside, surrounded by fields and horses. In his pursuit to become a professional photographer, he moved to the Danish city of Århus to hone and practice his talents, before later arriving in Copenhagen.

Following six years’ working as a permanent assistant to photographers Morten Larsen and Morten Bjarnhof, Niclas established his own studio in 2003. Located in Valby, to this day it acts as the base for his work in Copenhagen, and around the world.

Niclas lives on a former allotment on Amager, with his Icelandic wife and two young boys.